TBWA\Tequila Hong Kong: For interns by interns, 6

TBWA\Tequila has an internship programme of a different kind. Where the role of an intern is not to run tedious errands and make coffee, but to do actual agency work. What better way to demonstrate this fact than to get the actual interns to work on the brief?

The task was simple: Create a poster using the line " At TBWA\Tequila, they let interns do actual work" The agency selected the most interesting and aesthetically pleasing posters, then placed them in universities all over Hong Kong.

The results: Over 200 applicants responded, far beyond the target.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Tequila Hong Kong

Executive Creative Director:

Creative Director:

Art Director: ,

Copywriter: Star Nkanyezi


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Dalbir Singh
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Why 6 different styles for the same idea? Is it on purpose that the posters look like they could have been made by an intern or is it simply bad execution ?


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andrej dwin
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dalbir, read the text, then complain about the lack of an interesting idea, not the number of executions :-)
btw, this is the only one I like, visually.

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and if this is the work they do, they should be fired.

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they should be shot and fired afterwards.

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so let me get this right, if its the interns who do the actual work why is the executive cd, the cd, 3 artdirectors AND a copywriter on the bloody credits?
what about the poor sod who designed the damn thing, remember the intern?

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uhh... does this mean that they do work as bad as this?

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200 responses far exceeded the target?!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Wondering if there's any QC at TBWA HK? 6 executions make a point: waste of paper. Show some good real work rather than an "in-house poster" please.

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i think they meant it to be like they are not the ones working on this brief, because its for the interns, hence the very rough execution, instead of meaning that this bad executed work is done by an intern.

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