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Is this really why people floss? isnt it more of a healthy teeth thing than getting the steak out of my teeth?

strategy seems frivolous

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I think the whole rational benefit (prevention of gum diseases, etc) of flossing your teeth is too obvious a message for the product at this point, in my opinion. Taking an emotional route (ie. save yourself the embarrassment) is just as valid an approach to reaching the target. But personally, I floss for dental health reasons...

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There is the healthy teeth thing, and theres the aesthetic
theet thing, people dont like to be embarased walking and talking around with food in their teeth, and the worst part is that is really hard for other people to say, "hey you hava a been in your tooth".

I think people floss for both reasons. The product is frivolous sometimes, so the strategy is too.

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I agree its more emotional to do the stuck in your teeth thing.

But I cant help asking -- hows is THIS floss different than any other floss on the market. They all remove bits of food from teeth. This one does it better? Cmon...

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parabens Brasil!
Otima idea.
I´m not sure if the tag line is needed.

congratulations to the art director also.

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