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A Greek Taverna and a broken plate.... You have GOT2B KIDDING!!!

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Ed Mintone
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Text writting when you have a full qwerty keyboard and no character restrictions? ... UHAVGOT2GR'UP!

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bad bad bad... !

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Opa! Nopa. Doesn't work.

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Why not? Can you back that up with something?

I think, therefore... yeah.

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I'll just say boring, and it usually means doesn't work.

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is this really Chech work?

names sound weird.

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I think, therefore... yeah.

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Can you back that up with something other than a non-existant self-promo website?

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I am not an expert on Greek customs, but from what I have seen and heard, I think they are saying that each time there is a Greek music celebration someone brakes a plate...
That's just me, I might be wrong.
If that in fact is what they are trying to say, the concept is actually pretty good.
It's just that the metaphor is not that common-place for everyone to easily connect the dots...
Art direction though could have been better.

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It's called "sirtaki" dance/music, and it's customary to smash a big pile of plates during the dance.

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And it's one of the most used cliches in advertising for cryin' out loud!

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I think this client would've had a tiny budget, and I think the idea is great for what they are trying to say. It's definitely not bad, and like Kateter says, back it the fuck up with something constructive or shut your mouth.

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It's definitely not bad...
Live music... broken plates... works for me :)

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I like this.

Everyone knows if Greeks are smashing plates they're having a good time. Yes it's a cliche, but that's the reason this ad will communicate to a broad target. Nice one. Nice to see the positive cultural stereotypes being used, instead of the negative ones.

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ha ha ha! very funny!

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