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ricklongo's picture
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Meaning? Anyone?

Dpes that copy even make sense?

Se's picture
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maybe means the birth of a new heart (see the scar).
but the heart is on the left, if i don't mistake.
anyway, i don't like it at all.

devon_connax's picture
Activity Score 30

it so DOES NOT....and should we ALL be able to tell what it means by just looking at it?

macu's picture
Activity Score 14

wtf??' what is it?? I havent seen the scar since I read Se comment

Finamerican's picture
Activity Score 49

They need to stop posting these tattoo shop ads. They are terrible.

tacaz0n's picture
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this sucks.

Guest's picture

"Meanings abound. You perpetuate?" wtf? There is certainly not much meaning abounding in that endline. The entire fucking ad is completely incompressible. This should be on as a communications fail.

tacaz0n's picture
Activity Score 64

This ad brought me closer to quitting my career in advertising. I also think that this is one of the ads you'll see when you die and first arrive in Hell's terminal.

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