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lol. it would be better if it was clearer that it's the guy that just dropped it

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No fixed abode
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I don't get it. Explain?

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A guy just found out his partner is pregnant and so much get as far away as possible.

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pleas what it is? explain

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Guy finds out that his girlfriend is pregnant. Gets scared of becoming a father. Runs away. Far away.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Mtl Dave
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I agree, that's not clear.

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MADE in the USA
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The piece‘s have nice use of white-space allowing the reader to create a punch line for themselves, lending to individual perspective.

-- Has the guy seen the test and feels the need to run?
-- Has the female just seen the test and realizes her life is about to change completely. new responsibilities that will effect her everyday. ie. many doctors visits, nutritionists, lamaze classes, baby clothes, food, diapers, ext.

It really doesn’t matter if the original punch line is missed as long as the reader replaces it with one of their own, and the point is made;
“the car will go farther on less fuel“.

I think its a good definition of a copy minimalist campaign.

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Maybe it should be taken the other way round: what did those two do when they ran out of gas? Hm?

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Not a Bomb But nice, only if the copy was in another color, cuz i think it's hard to read, does anyone agree?

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not sure about the font

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