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chintan ruparel
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absolutely brilliant! the whole campaign is very good... im personally excited FCB ulka, Mumbai being such a conservative and hardcore selling agency is livin up to its expectations, yet experimenting... very well crafted copy and responsible advertising... im saving these on my PC. btw, good art too :)

p.s: i know a major chunk of ppl who will turn down these ads n say ther's no idea, bt somehow these are classy. just somehow...


~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

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I think its nice but no brilliant.

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I agree, it's not a mind blowing idea, just simple. But it works therefore so what?

It is a visual feast also.


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i like how there's one coin standing vertically :)

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you're right chints4u7, the AD and copy is solid. Classy, even. But the lack of an idea leaves them in the average basket.

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yeah, it's definitely solid. But, I appreciate this more than the other stunts floating around this place.

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i think only the line is good, or maybe i lost something?

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I can't find my currency on it....!

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Dick Huges
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Is a nice ad to run. But I wouldn't put it on my book.

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nice line but the visual is killing it.
with a line like that you need to make the visual simple.

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