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First impression... I'm liking this.

But... why are our kids all lying on the ground?

Why not swinging off cothes lines ...
Swinging up as high as you can go...
Blowing up as many balloons as you can...
pretending... skylarking... mucking around...?

am I missing something? (It is nearly 4pm on Friday!)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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"why are our kids all lying on the ground?"

Because if they were just swinging off clotheslines etc, then we'd been flooded with comments like 'Seen it before', 'Done' and 'Nothing new'.

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Ok but how does having them lying on the ground make it any better? It only gives it more unecessary confusion.

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they're on the ground because they can't fly. they're "dreaming of flying." you no longer have to dream about it. you can actually get off the ground and into the air with Gol airlines.

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Correct me if am wrong, but wasn't the airplane invented over 100 years ago?
So why are people being told, "If you always dreamed of flying, now you can"?

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Haven´t you ever dreamed you could fly ? You could have wings or anything like that ? I think that´s what they are trying to say here. Gol is a low fare airline company. They sell tickets for really low prices. In Brazil there are millions of people who never had the oportunity of catching a plane to travel. When Gol was created many people had the first chance to "fly".

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Thiago Aranha
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that's becouse here in Brazil "Gol Airlines" is an economic airline. In fact, what they are saying is: If you always dreamed of flying and couldn't afford it, now you can...

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Gol is an airline famous for its economic prices here in Brazil. All their camapigns go for the "now you can fly" idea, meaning "now you can afford to fly".
In God I trust

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If the copy applied for economic flights i don't see any problem.

If u r the targeted audience, u will sure intrigued with it. U u r rich, CEO or high-class ppl, u will see this ad's copy is insultable & low-class.

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Now what's that supposed to mean?

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aady's way of saying this is meant to talk to budget-concious, South Amercan air travellers. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Disco Munky
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Nice enough, but why are the kids wearing what looks like sacks?

I thought they were just supposed to be playing. Whay not just shorts?

Doin' it for the points

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Towels. Loincloths in kid'S sizes are hard to find, and not too many parents buy them.

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Disco Munky
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Two points;
1) Why aren't the kids in the other ads in the series wearing similar costumes that relate to what they're doing?

2) I'm guessing you say loincloths because they're supposed to be Tarzan. That story wasn't based in south america so they isn't any real reason for these two to be dressed up

I still think that shorts would have been better


Doin' it for the points

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kitten, they are dreaming dreams. you can wear loin cloths in dreams, especially if you are dreaming of being Tarzan flying through the air on vines.

1- i haven't seen the other ones yet. i'm off to look at them now.

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Dick Huges
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Dunno why but i don't see the point of it. I never saw a kid pretending they were flying while laying on the ground. So i don't relate to it at all. Maybe my childhood sucked.

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Well, they clearly saw this photographers work and said, "hey lets make a cool scam campaign with these pictures, might even win an award, now what logo can we slap on it ?"

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I think the photographer was commissioned for this job specifically.

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Thiago Aranha
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Why do you people see everything as a scam?

They saw the photos, had the insigth: well, we could use it to sell low-price tickets for Gol, talked to the photographer, bought the pictures and made a really cool campaing that actually went to the media (opposite to many many ads we see here)...

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Shut Theory
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becease its a "LOW" fare flights... whatever.. i gotta admint, i didnt get it first time, but sure can be excused


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The photographer wasn't commissioned specificacally for this job, but it isn't scam either.

They contacted the photographer and bought the photos.

I know that 'cause I've seen this campaign before on a Brazilian advertising magazine (sort of like archive) where they mentioned what I just said.

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I see. Thanks for clarifying.

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Hey I like to fly. I like this campaign.

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Clap clap clap from who knows how hard it is to make good things come true.

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Stephan D
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beautiful. Simple and elegant.

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It looks like a reshoot... different kids, different plants...

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isnt there allready a commercial with the same art direction?

i think it wont in cannes...

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good job

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