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Just loved it!! Amazing!!

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No coincido contigo. Es verdad, tiene una excelente dirección de arte, pero el mensaje queda en un segundo plano para convertirse en un gran chiste.

"Aquí también se opina en español y em português".

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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OH.. snap!

Arnold Santillan

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Can that be true? I really hope that's wrong.

Scary thought. Cute idea.

Maybe too cute for the seriousness of the message?

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Eeee-xactly. Funny, but too cute.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I agree, that sounds like a massive exagerration, if its true then thats some scary shit.

I disagree about the ad though, I thinks its nice and refreshing to see a lighter take on the issue, still gets me thinking anyway.

It's only an ad.

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That is no moon
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Love it!
Perfect angel on a scary subject. Both fun and scary.

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funny...but supposed to be treated seriously...

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Totally LOVE IT!


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wooo hoo...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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me thinks
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Really Shocking Fact. Wake Up People.

Awesome Idea but the tarzan figure sucks.

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wonderful work,,,,

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Sooo damn funny....but it's a bloody wrong tone for such a serious issue!

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I don't agree. It works better to get people's attention to a serious issue if you use humor.
As long as the actual message reaches people.

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That is no moon
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We have seen the serios tone so, so many times.
I think this is a perfect statement about, how we all just laugh of the world going down.
It makes me think - it makes me donate.

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buy by bye
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maybe if it was a monkey rather than a human...

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Mr Hughes
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Funny - nothing wrong with that. I can just hear Tarzan's daft wailing thing that he does end abruptly as he hits the clearing. Get's the message over nicely. His shorts are a bit cack though.

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Kinda funny. The Tarzan fucking sucks. He looks more like a chippendale. Oh yeah and it's "disappear" not "disappears" in the claim.

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This ad is very funny, I love the idea too. WWF has been making very good ads since a bit.
The message however is kind of scary, hope it is not true...

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very funny! But not very nice art direction. Anyway it's refreshing on wwf not to have something too serious

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Is it me or is the art direction a bit crappy?

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this is cool

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yeah his shorts are cack art direction really really crappy

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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I love that Picasso quote.

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I love it. Very funny ad :)

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If this is ROUGH layout it could be okay. But if it's not – this is nightmare.

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Mr Hughes
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:D "This is nightmare" is my new catchphrase.

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funny. good idea. execution-not bad !

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Carlos Duty
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como todos... chistosísimo.
lo chistoso es que no es nah chistoso el asunto. :/

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finally, a better AD

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Very good. But too cute for serious matter.

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But, er....yep,maybe u r right, I think

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I like this ad very much... but I have to admit you´re right

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is this guy still alive?

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I disagree that the ad is "too cute". Why? Does it hit too close to home? Because it IS true, and if the ad can point this sobering reality out in a humourous way, then I think it is brilliant. We North Americans benefit greatly from this destructive practice. It's time that we face that.

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“15km of rain forest disappears every minute”

Don’t believe everything you read. Use common sense. I mean c’mon - 15 km²/ min!
Ok, let’s do some calculations, shall we…

How much that will be in a year?

M’kay, so it is 15 km² * 60(min) * 24(hour) * 365(day) = 7884000 km² of forest disappearing every year. O’RLY?

Let’s suppose that all land area of earth is covered with forest - every single km² is nothing but forest. Ok, we all know that it’s far from thuth (think about big deserts like sahara, or places like antarctica or greenland, so the forest covered are is FAR LESS than total land area of earth) but just to make calculation a bit easier, let’s suppose that earth is forest all over.

Earth’s surface area (land): 148,940,000 km² (source

Now the question is: How long it will take(in years) for all forests and trees to disappear?

Well it takes of course (148,940,000 km² / 7884000 km²) years. How much is that then?

Answer : Little less than 19 Years (18.89 years to be precise).
Real number is way less than that , maybe just 8 years (because all is not covered by forest).

Most important question is: So how come we still have any forest at all ????
Answer: We do, because forest does not disappear at that rate (15km²/min)

And finally... Yes I do believe that protecting our nature is a good thing. I'm absolutely for saving rain forests (and many other things in nature). I just don't like when organizations exaggerate and thus provide somewhat false information - no matter how good the cause is. Some people or companies or organizations believe that slight exaggeration is justified in order to bring out the crucial point, to wake up people. But outcome may be that these organizations can loose their credibility. I do not wish that to happen to WWF because after all they are among the good guys and they do a VERY important work.

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I think the Tarzan is great- its not suppose to be a real jungle dweller. He is US- the citizen of the industrial world with all the trappings of our consumer society. He's having a ball, wearing his leopard print speedo but there's a big surprise waiting for him in the next clearing...

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It's amazing. Clear and simple point.

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Hahahah its funny, its simple, its brilliant, its very clever concept,