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I think the filter placed too high. otherwise good campaign

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A.G. Pennypacker
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Had this not been labeled "basketball" I would have never got it. I actually thought it was a street light at first. And since when does a basketball hoop have a bottom? I really think we should do away with the labels and let the ads stand on their own without "naming" them.

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I agree. I thought it was a street lamp, too. Until I read the title. Yes, let's do away with those. After all, the public doesn't get to see those when (if) the ad runs somewhere. Excellent insight, A.G.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Actually, I have absolutely nothing to add here.

You guys said it all (which I myself have been saying OVER AND OVER again that I sound like a broken fuckin' record.)

Kill the title. EVEN if all the submissions come attached with a title, it should be removed prior to posting. Ads do not come with explanation in real life.

Couldn't agree more with you guys...

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in award shows, the ads all have titles.

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Basketball is so so not on... (street light maybe)... the piano is so DONE... and the DANCE... for the DUNCES.

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Also how are you living 'beyond' the kitchen if you see everything in your kitchen utensils... seems like you are SPENDING too long IN the kitchen instead. There is something wrong here... you are trying to merge to discrete things that shouldn't be merged.

Either you are saying - there is life outside the kitchen with these easy recipes - then you shouldn't really be seeing these things in your utensils.

Or you are saying - since you don't have a life, use these recipes - which is rather a lame proposition.

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My thoughts exactly. And like Pennypacker said, if this wasn't labeled as "basketball" I would never have got it and would have thought that this was a reference to street lamps. None of these ads really do much at all come to think of it, other than lead to confusion.

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Again, visual-led ads always feel done-before.

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