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Every year, 38 billion water bottles end up buried in the earth. Drink tap.

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, New York, USA
Creative Director: Rich Buceta
Art Director: Kevin Gentile
Copywriter: Mike Abell
Photographer / Retouching: Bartholomew Cooke
Executive Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo
Published: April 2008


sumsum's picture
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I've been drinking tapped water all my life. but from now on I exclusively drink bottled water! I hate those "shame on you cause..." campaigns.

teenie's picture
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Someone please explain the link between "buried in the earth" and a dead fish.

And honestly, "end up buried in the earth" isn't much of a threat. Pollute the earth, maybe. Ruin our water systems (then at least the fish fits), perhaps. But what's here is like saying "every year, 38 billion pieces of paper end up being stacked."

weedtweed's picture
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i second that. i honestly dont see any link between a dead fish and buried water bottles either.

jsptrck404's picture
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yeah. this one lost me too. and they're poster executions, so do we really need a third? this one is weak compared to the other two.

| think small |

creativewannabe's picture
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The smokestack is the best of the three.

Would work only in a very limited number of countries...

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
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If tap water is bad because of the plastic bottles, why isn't soda bad?

Thats like a campaign against air polluting motorcycles while there are cars on the road.

mdab18's picture
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you would have a point if soda came out of a faucet

Crisp One's picture
Crisp One
2007 pencils

I'm just saying stupid cause, but yeah.

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