Tappening: Stolen Spring

Unnaturally wasteful water.
Bottling water can lead to severe water shortages that harm residents and farmers near bottling plants.
Drink tap.

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, New York, USA
Chief Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo
Creative Director: Rich Buceta
Art Director: Chris Carlberg
Copywriter: Justin Pritchard
Illustrator: Conrad Cofran

July 2008


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A photo would have been more interesting. Maybe a better illustration.


I think, therefore... yeah.

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algo básico, pero es.


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i am zero
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not really convinced with the concept,

but yes, very nice illustration...

very confident strokes
keep it up...

pashya is zero

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copy is so childish, i cant believe it.
Art... go back to school mate

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Umberto Vonspiel
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I'm not really convinced with this.

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In third world countries, these plastic bottles are a god send. Because they are clear, water which is usually undrinkable due to bacteria and other harmful things, can be steralized by leaving it in the bottles, in the sun for a period, killing the nasties. A very cheap alternative to elaborate and inaccessable treatment facilities.
Anyway, I am lucky enough to live where the tap water is very clean and I re-use these bottles with tap water in the fridge.
If more people did that, then we could cut down on much unwanted plastics. They are fully recycleable anyway so what's the big problem.

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leaking bucket.
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Davosk - Reusing those bottles is one of the worst things you can do. Get some glass containers/bottles that can be sterilized by washing them and use those instead.

As for the ad, the message is good and I like the Illustration. HOWEVER, the simple (clean!?) art direction is terrible. There is attitude in the illustration but none of that is translated into the layout AND for god’s sake center the bottle on the page!!!


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The illustration is too loose and almost "child-like" for the seriousness of the message.

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I thought the position of the bottle stark and grabbing attention.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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