Tappening: Candidates

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, New York, USA

September 2008


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i don't think so. i think most tap water in my area smells of chemicals. this is really cheap, tabloid cheap. i recommend pulling it.

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what is really the problem? the polution from plastic bottes? or what? I drink only bottled water and recycle the bottles. so no. this doesn't work for me. the copy is not that smart...tabloid title.

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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While you may be recycling your bottles, millions more dont. As a result, we're adding tons of plastic into landfills, under the mistaken impression that we're all doing the "right thing" by drinking water (and yeah, it's just plain ol' ordinary tap water, from the same source as the municipality nearest the bottling plant, which may explain why it tastes different to you) instead of anything else.

The ads could have been sharper, but the idea's a good one. I'm not as crazy about this layout as the other two, but the message still works.

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DiMassimo Goldstein has a creative department problem.

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Obama and MacCain are black both?

(Quicktime, please)

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I think Tappening is a great project and worth a visit to the site.

I like the angle/idea used here, and so what if the other two have tabloid headlines, they caught my attention. Typography could use some work, but the illustrations are clean and simple.

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Obama's Bottle is bigger than McCain's even tho their heads are the same size.

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does size matter?? ; )


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Hehhehehe at least not for Obama.

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nor mccain since he's past his exp date.

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Jim Barnthouse
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I love how we're all commenting on an ad that was obviously done for the pr value. The frickin thing is everywhere.

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