April 2008

Print advertisment created by DiMassimo Goldstein, United States for Tappening, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Bottled water costs 7,000 times more than the same water that comes from a faucet. Drink tap.

Advertising Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein, New York, USA
Creative Director: Rich Buceta
Art Director: Kevin Gentile
Copywriter: Mike Abell
Photographer / Retouching: Bartholomew Cooke
Executive Creative Director: Mark DiMassimo

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adsthinker's picture
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agree, i like neat concept and execution. but the idea works in US, Europe, Aus n other developed countries, not others.

Sally_Bison's picture
Activity Score 82

shouldn't it be a $7000 bill somehow?
like the concept and writing but the execution seems a bit too minimal in these.

jsptrck404's picture
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you're being way too literal. did you get the idea, that it costs a lot more than tap water? good, then stop thinking. you got it.

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JFDreamer's picture
Activity Score 176

I would get diarrea if I drank from the tap where I live.

of course, it's meant for US, but still I don't like it. the visuals are too direct and not very nice (just my opinion, don't mean to offend anybody). too obvious. bottle + bill = expensive water. ideas could be better

jsptrck404's picture
Activity Score 437

i like the smokestack most. but i think this has merit. (the fish execution is poor). but as far as being direct, i think that's part of the point. why would they want to make it less obvious? it's a good message because people haven't really been informed about this very much. at this point, i think they need to be straightforward and hit you over the head with the message a little bit because it's so new. getting clever visually can come later when the idea is a little more established, and the direct approach starts to lose it's appeal and impact.

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tkmatch's picture
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I think the execution/concepts are pretty good...I like the other 2 ads better. But wouldn't a 7000 bill be a bit see/say

humboldt08's picture
Activity Score 7

The way I see it, their ad is about facts. A $7000 bill doesn't exist and would take away from the blunt honesty I think they're going for.

I like the fact that it's "too obvious" and "too minimal". The fact is, regardless of how obviously absurd it is for us to spend so much money on bottled water, we still do it. In reality, spending less on bottled water is a basic concept that Americans just can't seem to grasp.

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Que bueno vivir en Panama. Aca todo el mundo toma del grifo sin peligro.

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