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I'm not the target market, but for me this is a bit expected. (template)....Bit safe.

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i'm not the target market, but this makes me WANT to own a bike. (template vs idea)... does it really matter?

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amzing bikes and amazing lines. may be i'm biased bcoz i aspire for one of these someday.
the Target is not always who can buy but also who can be aspired to buy, i think both ways
these ads do a good job. yes the layout is predictable, but then, may be that's what works.

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Agreed, i do think it works. With the character of biking there's alot to work with. Fresh? However i see your points.

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I'm the target as I used to ride a Harley and this ad does work for me. I don't like the paint job on these bikes (flames, right!), but that's beyond the agency.

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yeah. i like these lines.
Nice to see some headline driven ads.
A rarity 'round these parts.

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i am so damn bored of these type of ads, a mean shot and headlines with attitude written in fonts that looks like a tattoo. YAWN

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i'm not a motorcycle person either, but it's interesting that words are used as the driver. So, bikers do read, do they? shareatale.com

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words used as driver? didn't get that..
the looks a bit too clean and tame for a bad boys' toy, especially the second one
some rough texture or something could fix that

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A killer-product advertised with killer-lines. Awesome! I only think that the copy/logo is layouted too close to the bikes.

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this line is the best out of the three.

the others are meh.

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Totally agreed with justpassingby. Cliched headlines like these have been done to death.
Good Art Direction.

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Agreed. It's not brandnew but yet it is very well executed and absolutely taps in with the character of the target consumer. Very good concept realisation. Even though the tattoo look has been done to death, it represents what these kind of bikers want to see.

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The lines are fine, clever enough. The "motorcycles are badass" tone is expected. Also, if you're going to do a motorcycle campaign, it's going to be compared to Harley work. And these aren't in the same league as most Harley ads.

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headline is cool!

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