Tang Da Ren: Mahjong woman

Out of sight. (Troubles) Out of mind.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHINA
Creative Directors: Carol Lam, Johnson Sheng, Lesley Zhou
Art Directors: Danny Li, Haoxi Lv
Copywriters: She Kai, Tang Bifeng
Illustrators: He Changning, Chen Yu

April, 2008


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danny li
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Chinese people in each ad looks lovely and vivid. it is a funny way to talk about the delicious soup of noodle, smart! i like it.

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Wo xi huan. Hen hao.

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the product is a soup "good enough to let go the bad"
and the rough copy is"My cards(gambling) is totally a mess! So I drink up the tasty soup to get the cards out of my sight ,then the bet is out of my mind... "

thanks for voting 10:) Although the concept is far from that good ,the visual is cute

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why this guy at left is wearing 2 watches?
like the illustration though!

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Because he's a rascal. He might have stolen it from a dead person or won it at gambling.

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why would someone eat noodle while playing... ??

outsmart me, if you can

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I love it. The artist rendering and the message but for some reason the style gives me the creeps...

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