Tang Da Ren: Internet junkie

Out of sight. (Troubles) Out of mind.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\CHINA
Creative Directors: Carol Lam, Johnson Sheng, Lesley Zhou
Art Directors: Danny Li, Haoxi Lv
Copywriters: She Kai, Tang Bifeng
Illustrators: He Changning, Chen Yu

April, 2008


she_kai's picture
221 pencils

product is the soup "good enough to let go the bad"
and the rough copy is"I am that kind of man called "Mr playing home" .Today carton,game,cosplay...all of my entertainments become nightmares! So I drink up the tasty soup to get mass out of my sight ,then the depression is out of my mind... "

thanks for voting 10:) Although the concept is far from that good ,the visual is cute

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19 pencils

mmm with that photo girl in his pants...looks like something else, dosent matter what u are doing, u have to drink that soup!!...

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