Tampax: Best Wishes

Mother Nature please, the room is already paid.
Our best wishes for Valentine's day.

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Directors: Paolo Dematteis, Riccardo Robiglio
Creative Director: Anna Meneguzzo
Art Director: Matteo Fabi
Copywriter: Gianluca Sales
Photographer: Eolo Perfido
Art Buyer: Giada Cioffi
Account Director: Barbara Maggioni
Account Executive: Christian Harris

February 2011


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hahaha good insight, but... I don't know if this will work, though

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Great insight! But how it does work with product )

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Nude Copy
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kunna parasyam....i don't know it is anymore identifiable with the TG

Prof's picture
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oh the italian failure mafia returns...

Quite really.

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It doesn't work. Literally.

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Nice picture.. but I don't get it. So he is hoping/praying that his date hasn't got the flow, but the product is for women with the flow??!

NataliaLima's picture
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Yeah, pretty dumb. Someone didnt think this through

morse's picture
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I don't understand the how the product and the occasion fit together.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

arke1's picture
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Yea I don't get this either...awful.

mr.x's picture
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That dude is dressed like the roxbury brothers.

Rentokill's picture
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C'mon guys. It's Valentines Day, the guy rented a hotel room for his sweetheart and himself. Just WHaT are they going to do there? Right. So now, we check who the actual advertiser is. And wait for the penny to drop.

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Do they know how tampax works? Cause if you outsmart nature with it, then it 's the tampax that's getting some for vday.

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So if Tampax wishes you a good Valentine's day, your girl won't have her period on that day? I'm just wondering. And I'm using ob, as usual.
Bad photoshop and I don't get why the boy is white-suited, should he look like God?

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Women bleed. 'Mother nature' is part of that. Tampax mop up the blood and bits every 28 days. Has Tampax invented a period-pausing-pill? Menses-reversal-magic? Menopause fastforward potions?

Because if they haven't, the men who made this ad, and the man who approved it should, really, be very proud to be continuing a tradition that stopped about 80 years ago. This is beyond hilarious, really it really is. This says 'Here darling, stick this up yer snatch. It'll stop the blood and I can have my f*ck'.

I'm going to print this and put it on a large bottle of poison, just to remind myself Never To Go There.

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You're taking it too seriously, man.

"Our best wishes for Valentine's day" ...saying for both his and her sake, we at tampax hope a period doesn't get in the way of V-day love. Simple little one-off Valentine's Day promotion.

I'm not saying it's good.

CuriousPencil's picture
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You know, HH, you're right about me taking it seriously. It's the first time I saw the 'Outsmart Mother Nature' corporate line. That works well enough when it's talking to the people who use the product (though it's still a grossly misleading line to take) but, to me, this ad just puts a really creepy slant to the whole thing that the same company calls 'your monthly gift'. It contradicts itself I guess.

HappyHour's picture
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I see where you're coming from - I'll admit I didn't really take much notice of the 'Outsmart Mother Nature' line at first, which--you're right--completely contradicts what I originally took as the simple message. What an awful line. You're not outsmarting her, Tampax, you're soaking up her excrement.

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bad bad bad

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dean viii
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jajaja is funny

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yeah i know the insight is great, funny, etc. But i don´t think this works very well for a tampon ad i mean the target is obviously Women and they might get offended whit this ad.

Filipello Manuela's picture
Filipello Manuela
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Ragazzi ma stiamo scherzando??!!
Avete la possibilità di fare un fake istituzionale per Tampax e fate questa roba qui?
Questa barzellettina da settimana enigmistica che non fa ridere nessuno?
Ci si aspetta di più da un fake.

(Bad ad and very bad picture. Italy deserves more).

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I have a feeling that this was created without any brief whatsoever. It's nice but makes no sense. And what's the reason to advertise Tampax at Valentine's Day. It's not a box of chocolates, for God sakes!

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Funny, but seriously?! How does it sell the product?!

keeping the right side of your head warm. http://thethinkingtoque.blogspot.com

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jajajajajjajj its just great!

Letsgroove27's picture
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jajajajajjajj its just great!

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Very bad. very bad. No meaning. no sense at all. you just put 2 things together, the 2 things are ok , but the result is wrong.

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Total whiff.

CuriousPencil's picture
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"Whiff" - you do a real good disparage.

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My guess they don't know how the monthly works? Maybe they think it is random. (at times it is but very rare).

because therefore it is

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Ahahahah! Incredibile!

Kyput's picture
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Very funny.. it's rare to use a guy for a tampon product..

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