Tampa: Iceberg

the skies are safer

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Bogota, Colombia
Art Directors: Jaime Duque, Oscar Munoz
Copywriters: Jaime Duque, Juan C. Valdivieso
Photographers: Niels Van Iperen, Flaco Jaramillo
Post Production: Oruga Studio

July, 2010


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OMG I mistook it 4 another Panda Express Chinese Food Delivery's poster...

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i like

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nice idea, great picture, but not so good with the delivery of message!

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I think the photography is fooling us into thinking there might be a bigger idea here.

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agreed. i feel like i'm looking at a rorschach test and missing something.

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there is no contrast to deliver the message what is the risk down there?? is a volcano explosion?? a iceberg melting?? if you don't see next add that explain better u don't get it!!

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i like idea and picture..but this one long time to understand how sea danger ,,,but i like ittt ...where 3 ides

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A bit confusing. At first I thought this was about climate change.... Then I saw the other adverts and 'got it'. Maybe the 'safer' word is the one that confuses.

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The post production was made by a Colombian Animation Studio called ORUGA.

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it´s not clear enough.... and airplanes with safety ? it´s a little weird... but the idea is nice... I think the plane is flying too close to the earth so it doesn´t help to understand the message...

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the message is not clear enough, good picture but the idea is not clear.

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