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This is really cute and the photoshop work is done really well, but what is the product? I don't get it.

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one of the most renown companies in logistic processes, join to offer the best service
in product transport .

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They're not saying that they offer the best service, they are saying that they offer guiding and solutions to your business (maybe you are starting a business and you can count with them as a partner), in the exports area.

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I like the concept, but the photoshop needs some more work, some areas are too sharp in contrast to the blurred areas around them and others areas are way too dark.
Looks good but it can look better. I would re-evaluate the text position, because the light is very important in the concept, but you are blocking it with the text body.
Work on it, is worth it.

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this ia a bit superficial and way less striking than their previous campaign but it's ok. Couldn't the setting be a bit different in the other 2?

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Ey juan ca, está ta guena. Ey, la dirección de arte está del carajo, pero lástima que se repita el mismo cielo (no sé si por mantener unidad gráfica, lo dudo). Me gusta.


Jose Manuel Patiño


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