Tampa Air Cargo: Landslide

the skies are safer

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Bogota, Colombia
Art Directors: Jaime Duque, Oscar Munoz
Copywriters: Jaime Duque, Juan C. Valdivieso
Photographers: Niels Van Iperen, Flaco Jaramillo
Post Production: Oruga Studio


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Stunning photo! Who's the client?

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when you've got to ask that question, the ad's already failed.

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not always. Because there's so much people out there that dont even "really look" at the ad. The client is "tampa cargo" http://www.tampacargo.com a well known air cargo company. How do I know?? well I just needed to read the name of the company ON THE AIRPLANE!!

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the skies are safer???? what kind of message is that..... did they had a plane crash ?

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the kind of message that says "dont send your stuff by truck with other companys, send it by plane with us!! cos...skies are safer". Tampa cargo it's a well known air cargo company.
I know, sometimes critic others work it's much easier than understand a very simple idea, the human brain...what a mistery.

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This message would have been fine in the early days of aviation. WTF?

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I just wanted to see comments about this, because I really don't get them... what are all them about? sky is safer?... the iceberg means "titanic", it won't happen to us?... the ducks flying like rockets...?... doesn't work for me.... btw, photography and postproduction are awesome...

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Well They're basically portraying how dangerous travelling by a ship & a vehicle can be and how you could skip the danger if you just fly to your destination. Nice ad, IMHO i think they should have taken the shot with emphasis on the name "Tampa" on the planes side.

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stunning photo seriously

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Maybe if they didn't have the plane right over the road. Separated the two...

Nice post work!

Great color.

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I like the visual, but I find myself asking if a giant iceberg or landslide are more likely to delay or danger your cargo as opposed to a tropical cyclone. I also do not know why for such a comforting message, the line is delivered in a bold black typeface. I wonder if it would help any to use the blue or yellow from the logo.

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the font is from the 80s

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The post production was made by a Colombian Animation Studio called ORUGA.

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...any airline could have said this.

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this is not an airline, of course my friend.

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Not just the font is from 80´s, idea too.

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highlighting environmental hazards are all the more relevant now because of all the crazy changes to our planet

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