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why dont i get this series?

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i think it suppose to say that it's so spicy you'll have to "Drink a Pool" to ease the hotness.

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kind of early 90s .......

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Fera Groove
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Easy to get, hard to like...

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Hammad S
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true say

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The pool looks nasty. No one would drink it no matter how hot.

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Nude Copy
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it's not that anybody is going to drink from it. The sauce is too hot that when one drop fell into the picture, the pool got dried

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that? that's like several thought processes ahead of itself

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@Fera Groove totally agree

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Roger Keynes
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Even more likey.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Nike Diesel
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Too silly and cartoonish, which is not funny. Weak idea.

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lol guys..when you are on fire, you dont think of where to dive or what to drink...
wow! must be some really hot stuff...I like it. if it can make us create this extreme hotness in our head and the visual as the solution to cool it down, then the objective of the ad is achieved. it's just a different way of saying the same old thing IT'S HOT!


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work and copy
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Yuck! BUT

tried to go to tambau.com.

+ effectiveness

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