TAM Airlines: Check in on-line, 2

Fly faster.
Check-in online.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Frederick, Santiago de Chile, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Eduardo Novión
Creative Director: Cristián López
Art Director: Felipe Ortiz
Illustrator: Daniel Cáceres
Copywriters: Daniel González, Kote Kaid, Felipe Utreras

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FpeSanchez's picture
14 pencils

These are all good--the color is inviting, the illustration is compact, the message is clear--but they're all kind of... evil?
-Kill a man and get away quick.
-Knock up the Farmer's daughter and get away quick.
-Ditch your fiance at the alter and get away quick.

I remember going on the Cliffnotes site during finals and seeing a Greyhound campaign. It showed a textbook and read something like "need to escape?" That one was effective too.
Maybe I'm no fun.

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