Take One video club: Action

A smarter way to movies.

Advertising Agency: Garcia+Robles, Guatemala
Creative Director / Copywriter: Victor Alfredo Robles
Art Director: Paola Aldana
Published: June 2008


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fala fulani
256 pencils

The headlines are very fishy but i like the simplicity of the headline.

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nice gaijin
815 pencils

Should have stopped at this one, the others are terrible.

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77 pencils

This would have been a great ad. In 1984.

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More Action Than You Get At Home

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I guess the thing is to point that you DO GET action at home...but USUALLY not THIS GOOD. that's the point in the "much better" and the "usually"...but that's just me. I loved it just the way is written.

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Come on. Action at home?????
Unless you live in Iraq, this is ridicoulos.

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109 pencils

Oh man!! entroplsdfuañddfjajñldjad monamour........you must be a married woman that NEVER GETS ANY ACTION whatsoever hahahahaha.......that's why you just don't get this campaign!

tell you what. Im gonna stop reading your comments. I have MUCH better things to do with my time. Peace.

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Oh wow. For a second there I thought this was student work.

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