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Not bad. Would make for some nice ambient pieces, vinyl floor stickers etc. Quite obvious but nice phoography

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if i hadn't seen similar ads - if i were a mindless consumer - i would LOVE this series. it may even get my lazy ass off the couch and down to this taekwondo school for lessons. maybe. at least it would definitely make me laugh.

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mindless consumer - i bet there are many consumers that are far smarter than you.

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Zeid said it. So did writergeekdez. So did cwiss. this site attracts really fair responses for the most part. 7.5 due to the familiarity of this great ad.

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MADE in the USA
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The message is clear, I also like the positioning of the footprint well above the top of the door. A message inside a message. This is why I disagree with you --"cwiss" Tue, 2006-07-18 15:27 as far as the:
--“vinyl floor stickers“---
It would negate the interior of the execution. Your other points are valid, I am just thinking you didn’t take note of how high the kick is.

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Great ad

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buy by bye
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it looks like a Godzilla ad

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bright rhino
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There was an ad just like this done by an ad agency in Minneapolis for a kickboxing studio. I did some digging and found it: http://www.claritycoverdalefury.com
go here and click on print, scroll down until you find the ad.

The one posted in this forum is executed much, much better than the one Clarity did.

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