Confusion, Overpass

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May 2012

Print advertisment created by Grey, Australia for TAC, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

If you drive on drugs, you're out of your mind.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Michael Knox
Creative Director: Nigel Dawson
Copywriters: Nigel Dawson, Sharon Condy
Art Director: Josh Murrell
Photographer: Erik Johansson
Accounts: Jodi Gabana, Randal Glennon

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good job.

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bad photoshop/retouching. if they couldn't afford to shoot it right, they should have just paid an illustrator to do it in escher's style.

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Guillermo Meza
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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Audi Did this Sooo Much better in 2006 ...

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The execution, used and abused all over the past years, kind of kills the idea...

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nice idea, retouching indeed could be better. though it looks cool for me.

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Unlike many others who have commented, I had not seen this idea before. I agree that the retouching is not the best ever.... but I found the ads intriguing and the strange imagery drew me in and I got the message about not driving on drugs as distorts your view etc. I liked it as powerful imagery and easy to get the message.

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Nike Diesel
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and etc...

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nice, but not great.

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Even tho your idea has been done, I don't think the line works. Out of your mind implies crazy. And what you wanted to communicate was that everything looks fuQ#)(*$#ed up when you're under the influence. Not the same thing.

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I liked the Idea!

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Echer art, I liked