TAC: 12 Dinners

Advertising Agency: Grey, Melbourne, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Ant Shannon
Creative Director: Nigel Dawson
Art Director: Pete Becker
Copywriter: Nigel Dawson

December 2010


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Nice, quiet make-you-think ad.

It'll retain some kind of punch for those who don't demand an "edgy" novelty font be trotted out for every campaign.

"Ubi hubave lubearned thubat ubanuby fubool cuban wrubite uba bubad ubad, bubut thubat ubit tubakes uba rubeal gubenubiubus tubo kubeep hubis hubands uboff uba gubood ubone."
-Lubeo Buburnubett

Sophia Lambadaridis's picture
Sophia Lambadaridis
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I agree. Although it's not quiet, it's shouting loud and clear.

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Roger Keynes
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For those interested, check out some of Grey's very realistic (and equally effective) TAC car accident tvcs.

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Nice :)

Sdb's picture
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The previous one was better..

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Nice chunky font, big shouty message, quietly spoken; love the tone of voice on the copy below too.

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Like it.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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