March 2007

Art Director:Kama yu

The number of animal species that became extinct last year, so that we can enjoy new furniture and flooring.
What's the real rice of illegally logging the Asian rainforest?
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Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Director: Doug Schiff
Copywriters: Doug Schiff, Fei zhao
Retoucher: Centro Digital
Photographers: Anuchai Srijarunputong, Nok Pipattungkul

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DanteFarla's picture
Activity Score 40

The art direction it's precious. They used the blood for a really great way, don't look discusting.
The idea it's good but no great.

scarfinati's picture
Activity Score 843

“The number of animal species that became extinct last year, so that we can enjoy new furniture and flooring.”

This is a confusing ad. The idea that the price of the furniture is actually the number of animals killed is a good idea, but theres too much borrowed interest visually. Its about the animals not the furniture. If it were a bear skinned rug and the bear looked alive and there was blood trickling out of his mouth, of course thats not right either but you see the idea...

And the line doesnt connect the cause and effect of the thing enough. animals become extinct and we enjoy furniture -- I get it -- but they need to explain exactly how this happens. It would make it more emotional and powerful...

Yokel's picture
Activity Score 604

The bear skinned rug idea ... I like it.
Perhaps also incorporating the species into the furniture somehow? The chair has lions' heads on the arm rest, perhaps other animals, endangered species worked into the carvings? These pieces of furniture look too standard - not just high quality stuff, but also like furniture I've inherited ...

gibshellenberger's picture
Activity Score 157

i just like how they wiped the top surface so we can eat without getting bloody.

jennywhx's picture
Activity Score 1142

still, for me this is not strong enough. somehow, i still need furniture to keep my life go on, i can't just throw away tables (full with blood), cupboard (full with blood)in my house.
i got their idea, but, not strong enough to lead me there.

Yokel's picture
Activity Score 604

They're not talking about furniture in general, but highend furniture which uses exotic hardwoods from Asia.
I agree, that's perhaps not 100% obvious in the ads until one reads the copy a couple times.

Rog's picture
Activity Score 6082

Wrong creative strategy for me.
Tell us how to avoid it, or question it.
Don't guilt us about it.
See the responses, above...

Typo in your copy, Ivan. No biggie.
'What's the real "rice" of logging...?'
Had me double taking. Presuming you meant price. :)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2824

I quite like this, its not brilliant, but it gets the message across.

Personally would have either lost the blood or lost the tag and had a stat just sat cold on the ad.


ChristinaMae's picture
Activity Score 8

Typo in the description under the ad...

mrtalented's picture
Activity Score 2171

nice concept but the copy is a bit too wordy for a price tag. is the blood needed? if so, why not make it more visible?