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am's picture
Activity Score 38

perfect. ideal development for a series. congratulations.

simone's picture
Activity Score 187

Done in 1983, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1994 (Luerzers Archive), 1995, 2008. Old.

juliangray's picture
Activity Score 987

stop sticking snickers on furniture legs. its an old and overused imagery.

capton john's picture
capton john
Activity Score 640

Think, Act, Invent.

Charlie Pratt's picture
Charlie Pratt
Activity Score 427

I've never worn snickers in my life. But I like them when they're on tables. I like it when they put shoes on table legs, too.

With the photography, I really get a sense of the potential energy in the table. Great work.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Painful translation, but I get the idea. It's OK.

nunobb's picture
Activity Score 3

Congratulations. The Copywriter is handsome.

monicamexico's picture
Activity Score 830

I don't understand. Lost in translation!

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