Swiss Tourism: We'll Do Anything, Mountain cleaner

We do everything for the perfect holiday.

Advertising Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Switzerland
Creative Director: Martin Spillmann
Copywriter: Peter Brönnimann
Art Director: Dana Wirz
Photographer: Stephan Schacher

December 2009


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this one is good.

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Very funny! Great campaign.

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one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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John van de Vor...
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Uhm, funny? I must have a complete different sense of humour then..

The pay-off is get natural, and we get to see how the Swiss clean the mountains? Doesn't seem very natural to me..

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this is nice, the branding and direction is nice with the red band, once they run a few times i'll see the ad without having to see the ad. this is definitely the one of the series but the idea is nothing prolific...

maybe adding some shame humour to the series might take it to another level and give a better sense of voyeurism that these just hint at


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first of all: this is the best of campaing.

but... i found some noize:
they can do anything, include artificial cleaning... people search for natural places and they show us that the natural in swiss is actually hand/human made?

ok, this is advertising, but even here we need a little relevance... fun for fun dont sell allways.

i agree in part with John van de Vorstenbosch

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"We do everything for the perfect holiday" sounds like the client is talking, not Swiss Tourism. The idea is fine though.

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Come on! Cleaning the mountains? No no no.

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i remember a similar campaign that we did back in 2005 and it had a very similar thought.. anyway its a good approach

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Poor concept.. anything else to make the tourism perfect other cleaning the mountains

nothing is impossible!

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this one is better


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