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Roger Keynes
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Got me.

Will Think for Salary

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nice try. yes to me!

"Art is my life's satisfaction"

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looks like the post officer keeps his coffee cup on the envelopes before posting them.

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Roger Keynes
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Or his coffee thimble! ;)

Will Think for Salary

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like it.

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that's a very small cup of coffee.

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Why is the post office selling coffee??

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I guess post offices now need some new ploy to stay alive.

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Very clean, simple.

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Clean, simple, and boring! The idea is too easy. The coffee stan too small. Bad execution.

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my mind bursts
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Hillarious. If it would look perfect in a student portfolio then thst says fresh to me. The right idea with perfect execution true to the idea.

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this is a case of the product selling itself. not the idea.

considering the product, this idea has almost 0 creativity and absolutely no concept

that being said, good art direction

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