Swiss Life: Life’s Turns In A Sentence, 6

You are the only woman I love a man now.
For all life's twists and turns: Flexible financial plans.

Advertising Agency: Spillmann/Felser/Leo Burnett, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Peter Brönnimann
Copywriters: Thomas Schöb, Simon Smit
Art Directors: Reto Clement, Daniele Barbiereo


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George Souza
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hahahahah, excellent job.

This one is the best of the campaign, made me laugh.

Always a pleasure to see a good ad based on strong copywriting. It's becoming rare at these times.

.Clean art direction, supports the text just as it has to, no overshadowing. Nice.

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Very good campaign. Bravo!

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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Great job! Funny and perfectly on the beam!

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I love the copy/

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With a copy like this, who needs an art director:-)
Best campaign of the year. The whole series is awesome. Hats off to the copy writer. Clap clap clap.


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hows ur njad friend doin. i heard hes busted.

outsmart me, if you can

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i like your desperation.


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lame, stupid and worst of all, it's a copycat.
when will you guys learn to make something exceptionally original? GROW OLD if you can't grow up.

outsmart me, if you can

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Roger Keynes
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Link thanks

Will Think for Salary

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Wasn´t Digifools link enough to prove the same exact idea was done, just for a different product. Or you need a couple more???


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Roger Keynes
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Fuck it, it's Friday. Give me a couple more, Gi_.

Will Think for Salary

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outsmart me, if you can

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why don't you stop spamming every print of this campaign with your unnecessary, childish comments?
If you claim it's done, post a link, if you don't have one, nobody cares.

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The link has been posted above.

I am pissed off! My favorite Canadian agency has been ripped off!

Shame on you, Leo Burnett!

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Here's the link,
Now after you check it and you see when was it done please shuv the link up your dirty ass.

outsmart me, if you can

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When, 3 years ago? I bet the people at Leo Burnett have been looking for an opportunity to rip it off since then.
And if they didn't, shame upon them for not looking up all advertising campaigns in the last 5 years and checking if the idea is original.

I don't even need to reply, your primitive language speaks for itself.

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i LOVE my primitive language. why do you have a problem with it, why????!!!

outsmart me, if you can

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The idea works very well with SwissLife, but yes this is not the first time we saw this idea.

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Kind of fun.

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rip off.

STFU and Make the Logo BIGGER!

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Milan Solanki
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It's sad that it has been done before. Cause this was frigging awesome.

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Yes, like a smoking hot transexual.

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love it

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Haha I like! Very good and also very fresh!

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the revenge of copywriting: stop abusing photoshop

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well said :-)


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I don't like this campaign not because it's a total hack job. I don't like it because the tagline doesn't work. It talks about "twists" and "turns" but you don't get that imagery from the copy or the way it's laid out. Maybe if the tagline was something like "For all of life's unexpected surprises" or "sudden challenges" etc.

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always steal from the best. if you have to steal.

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advertising ninja
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this campaign shows me how beautiful and great advertising can get. love the whole series.

aww.. been done before. still nice job tho.. good insight.
9/10 --> 7/10

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Big McLargehuge
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Great series. I don't hold it against them that something similar has been done before.

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Very very nice

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Nicely done. The writing is good: the words flow flawlessly from one sentiment to the next. Great job.

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