Swiss Cancer League: Post-It-Man

Our skin never forgets
Three sunbathing tips:
1. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before
2. High sun protection factor
3. Avoid midday sun

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Axel Eckstein
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Copywriter: Wolfgang Bark
Graphic Design: Roswitha Brülisauer
Published: Summer 2009


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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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reminded me that skittles campaign.

its a film, the guy all made of postits, remember?

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I don't like it. And I don't get it

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bad astronaut
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even though it's so obvious?

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Too much.

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strong copy, im not sure about humourous approach, could work or could backfire, skin might not forget but we might.

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Great insight - great idea. Like it a lot - especially as an ambient media execution.

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Shadow Ops
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This is just odd. A lot of work with no "aha"moment. Sure there is this odd pink family staged with "real people" sunning themselves at a water park lawn...LIKE YOU DO...It looks fake and staged which is ok I guess b/c they probably left it there for people to see later. This would be a lot better if the post its were sun burn orange or something but how in the hell do you get sunburned colored POST ITS!!!...blahhhh

Let's keep advertising fun

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bad astronaut
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"hell do you get sunburned colored POST ITS!!!"... - Are you really trying to figure that out? You belong in marketing.

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bad astronaut
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A bit too much. People will pay attention for sure..

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old idea.Seen for lots of "brands"

Simple ideas are the best !

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sandhya rao
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copy is good but the execution is not that.....effective.

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I wonder why they used the pink color for skin cancer approach. . . in my opinion, yellow outscores in this situation as it resembles sunlight affection much better. Anyway, good campaign ^^

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If this one is guerilla, it's ok..


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this is what happens when u take someone else approach for your idea.
scholz and friends did it long time ago. Ramezani got the link already.

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The Film OFFICE SPACE ring any bells? Not for cancer, but for the idea of using post-its.

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Wouter Blom Zoe...
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Great campaign! more people should take this message to their skin :-)

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