Suzuki: Rhino

New Suzuki Grand Vitara. Can't wait to see it.

Advertising Agency: Craverolanis, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Juan Cravero, Darío Lanis
Creative Director: Toto Marelli
Copywriter: Juan Ure
Art Directors: Toto Marelli
Photographer: Gonzalo Lauda - ALT
Account Supervisor: Mario Costales
Advertiser's Supervisors: Pablo Ramos, Gonzalo Ibarzabal, Paula Kuzis, Eduardo Moure
Published:September 2007


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i mean what is this... the animals cant wait to see the car?? why would they want to see the car anyways??? please answer me someone

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The dog fleas want to see the car. they are riding the zebra.
Maybe the car is really beautiful. or ugly.
Oh, I got it!!! The car is supposed to be a great vehicle for safaris!!!
Damn, that took a while.

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ohhhhhhh, cute then..

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banana tom
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Rajib's picture
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They have also 2 leg 2 hand (Actualy)if not they how should they drive...

Rajib's picture
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They have also 2 leg 2 hand (Actualy)if not then how should they drive...

Randolph's picture

This is so bad.... the typical "inteligent idea" that can only be understood by it's creator.Terrible.

adrianapr's picture
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its creator plus a LOT of other people, if you read the comments... if you didn't get it just ask about it, man.

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good idea.good jobs.

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