Surfrider Foundation: Granade

The sea level is increasing. We are all in danger.
Do something against global warming. Do it now.

Advertising Agency: Script, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Director: Ricardo Real
Art Director: João Paulo Medeiros
Copywriter: Guilherme Figueira
Illustrator 3D: Marcos Falcão e Luiz Ramos
Image treatment: Raphael F.S


Pushkaraj Shirke's picture
Pushkaraj Shirke
215 pencils

the art is so fab! try backing such art with a great thought atleast. wasted.

akshaysrikar's picture
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visually creative and pleasing. but to an issue like this, the copy is just too bland. "Do Something" is too open ended. You guys could've told what could be done i.e. be proactive, instead of just saying "Do Something".

fatlabrador's picture
59 pencils

"Something"? Sigh, there's nothing as frustrating as a vague call to action.

art.vs.commerce's picture
566 pencils

shouldn't it be the pin that is made of ice. visually doesn't really make sense

dreadboy's picture
413 pencils

nice point art.vs.commerce - in this case, maybe the pin would have worked as being made of ice. Nice concept nevertheless

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1929 pencils

Nice ad.


xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

good ad, but id change the copy

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Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

good art, bored concept..

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

as always great art from Brasil!


Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1686 pencils

if it melts then there is no danger..

talkingisfree's picture
2657 pencils

Exactly, we just have to wait a little.

Dzsoi's picture
6717 pencils

I agree, don't get the logical chain here.

Marta Ibarrondo's picture
Marta Ibarrondo
55 pencils

like the visual, don't love the copy.

Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
1808 pencils

Fabulous art, congratulations. The idea is interesting.

BananAd's picture
103 pencils

"Danger melts itself". Let's wait...

If try the slightly other way - i.e. an ice hand, holding trigger-suspender, or some.. ?

michelangelo's picture
660 pencils

eco problems could be serious

liam182's picture
11 pencils

that thing looks like ice. lucky we are melting the ice caps!

Brain-Art's picture
1101 pencils

Great Art

monsieurange's picture
520 pencils


shortafella's picture
1059 pencils

this concept is so low...please...

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

I think some people are confused here. Danger is not melting as in disappearing. Think of the "melting" here as the time it takes for a grenade to explode (we are all in danger) after release. Concept is wonderful, and so is copy. There's a web link provided. VIsit the site for more information. The purpose of this ad was not to provide a lengthy list of things you can or you should do about global warming.

Nguyen Thanh Hai's picture
Nguyen Thanh Hai
105 pencils

Nice art!

everartz's picture
7611 pencils


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Ed Rapport's picture
Ed Rapport
724 pencils

concept is fabulous. copy and especially the call to action is ineffective. If i saw this ad i wouldn't know what action to take to "do something."

atb2005's picture
13567 pencils

The call to action is to visit their website. Most campaigns are exactly like this one. Brief copy + web link.

macluvin's picture
397 pencils

nice visual. failed potential. could use better copy/concept.

MJStinson77's picture
601 pencils

Beautiful artwork. Flawed logic behind the concept. Dreadful copy. | | wordjones

smartbox's picture
177 pencils

Nice visual! but... bored concept!!!

grapekey_lyn's picture
28 pencils

well I don't find anything wrong with the copy though

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