Surfrider Foundation: Detergent bottle

In the sea, there's no such thing as a little bit of rubbish.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam Paris, France
Creative Director: Les 6
Art Director: Sébastien Guinet
Ass Art Director: Julien Hérisson
Copywriters: Josselin Pacreau, Felipe Machado
Photographer: Ben Stockley
Retoucher: Asile
Art buyer: Sylvie Réveillard
Model Maker: Jean Benne

March 2010


Prime83's picture
497 pencils

I love the treatment of the images.

jamesrothenburg's picture
554 pencils

Fantastic Photos!

Sven Gali's picture
Sven Gali
845 pencils

Better photo little impact

xcreativity's picture
2374 pencils

good one, engaging. i guess the copy could be a little bit better

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Phil Lestino's picture
Phil Lestino
1684 pencils

How could it be better? It is short. It makes sense. How could it be improved...please tell.

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

People know who Surfrider is...
In this campaign the imagery wide opens its mouth so the copywriter could limit his chat in a word or two,
like for example 'guard', 'defend', 'protect' (its his job ; )) and leave the rest to the public's imagination!


Dzsoi's picture
8001 pencils

Are you kidding? You see a thing in the sea - upper part smaller, lower part bigger, and with the word 'protect' we should track back this concept?

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

that's why I said its the copywriter's job ; )


Dzsoi's picture
8001 pencils

I see! Well, I don't think this line could get significantly better, the content is perfect: it leads our attention gently to the size attribute which is the key to understand the message of the visual.

art.vs.commerce's picture
566 pencils

Great idea. Great execution. Line is a bit clunky. Great stuff.

shahidali's picture
4069 pencils

I like the photographic treatment and the art direction. But the copy, to me, is not fitting.


everartz's picture
7609 pencils

its not that clear by the way and i dont know why is everybody chanting for this faded idea
just an ok thought with bad photo treatment.. wake up guys!!

| Everartz |

Dev Kumar's picture
Dev Kumar
834 pencils

A good idea that has been well executed except for the 2nd one and this one where the diffusion in the line seperating water and air, has some scope for improvement. And yes, the imagery is damn good.

Holly Boy's picture
Holly Boy
42 pencils

AMAZING PHOTO ! Ben Stockley is impressive.

perromalo's picture
429 pencils

I am not very original if I say that I love the pictures, but as an amateur surfer I can add that the photo has been taken from the surfers perpective or point of view: inside the water on eye level. When you are paddling that's how big you see things, not to mention rubbish. Good job.

michelangelo's picture
660 pencils

I've never experienced surfing, and maybe a small rubbish like this could be dangerous... but that does not justify the fact that the photography leaves a lot to be desired... and the water seems too calm for surfing anyways...

micheline's picture
46 pencils


: l

spiergallo's picture
69 pencils

Beautiful photos of all the series.

Ahmed Sleem's picture
Ahmed Sleem
6 pencils

Perfectly done :)

alausa's picture
1420 pencils

Good one sirs.

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