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392 pencils

Shit is nutritious to the fish. It's what makes them taste so good.

liar's picture
386 pencils

Are you sure?

levilevi's picture
58 pencils

In my case yes. I only shit roses and brown sugar. It's edible.

Afronuts's picture
136 pencils

well...shit happens.

roman-schwienbacher.com's picture
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this one i lioke very mucho.
great idea with the shitting guy

fei's picture
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What's wrong with shitting in the toilet?
Tell me where else I'm supposed to do it. I probably drink water with fish shit in it.

Shut Theory's picture
Shut Theory
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"carelessness", thats whats wrong with shitting in toilets :) so be sure to take toilet paper in with ya

adstrike's picture
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This ad is telling me not to shit in toilets, GUAO shiting… what a insight.

malungo's picture
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it's not about where you are shitting, it's about where your shitting is being delivered. the fish shit has been in the water for
million years, it should be there. but human shit not.

adstrike's picture
334 pencils

hummm but the body copy is telling me: carelessness is the principal cause of pollution, protect the oceans and bla bla bla so is not telling me to do something against the company's, is telling me that what I do comes back to me.

this ad is forced in the campaign, no one can stop shiting.

ramen's picture
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you are what you shit...?

mOjO jOjO's picture
mOjO jOjO
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I dont think I will want to eat fish anymore...

Yeminius's picture
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I like this one !

brandsurgeon's picture
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Think about it... if we stopped shitting, then fish would die of hunger... if fish died of hunger... vegetarians would die of hunger :D
What a hungry world this would be. oh, shit! I gotta use the loo. Brb.


Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

Minimum's picture
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Vegetarians that eat fish are pretty naif. Fish too is meat.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Brilliant campaign. Might get one of those lions.

Totto's picture
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EAT SHIT HAHAHA>>> nice comic strip.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

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What a piece of sh*t...

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Jaap Grolleman
6996 pencils

It's weird. What do they want? Stop us from using the toilet?

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