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Ganpati subramanian.Smart Alec.I had to to stand in your shoes to figure this ad out.Now that the line suggests the same.I love it.

Why but is the art so lame ? Bengalooru alli good art director sikathilla ?

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no coments :(

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refreshing new take on the it.

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Nice idea but surely you should have made the cereal more hero than background. As most have already commented on this and other sites featuring this ad, its hard to notice it unless you concentrate and no one concentrates on normal looking ads :p


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for me, those are no ads, but riddles. just ads for ad people

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you're wrong. these aren't even riddles. the products they've chosen are so well-known that you automatically read it as original. which makes no impact whatsoever.
so... neither riddles nor ads...

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that's what i meant. to see, there is "Fakes" written on the box needs you to look very close to it. and no one will. only ad people will read the line and try to figure out what they try to say

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go to 'tools' -> 'options' -> 'sarcasm detector' -> click 'on'


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Dere is no sutch obtion on german computers!


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is there more to it than the fact it says "corn fakes" – or is that it?

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i guess that's it

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sorr, but what's the product they wanna sell?

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The product is Suraksha Mudra, a nextgen RFID system that detects fakes

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shrek is there. should he be?

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