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And this is a new and fresh idea... Yeah right.

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Recycled Idea.

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Jon-Paul Mountford
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Are they saying they have no ideas so they'll recycle others?
Sureley this is a way loose clients, sorry we have no ideas of own but we're good at blowing the dust off old ones.

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I think they are saying the opposite...

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Exactly..ha ha..John you made me laugh..

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yeah, they're saying they won't recycle or copy ideas, i think... they'll work on "everything else", whatever that means (that is actually the problem, wtf is "everything else"?)

personally if we're getting the message roght, i think it's a bit snobbish or pedantic, to tal about "ad agencies" as if you were not one of them. but again, i'm really not sure about the message, it's not clear at all (recycling program?... everything else?...)

besides, joelapompe helped this idea a lot, you should pay him... lol

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man, what a terrible way to advertise your own agency.
i see clients thinking: "if they sent such an ambiguous message to talk about their own brand, what will they do to advertise mine?"
money invested in loosing clients, bad move.

plus, if "we won't copy other agencies ideas" (which should be a given) is the best you have to offer, man, your business is in deep trouble.

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And this is a new and fresh idea... Yeah right.

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good ad for joelapompe.

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Please, how you can bash this on this site? It's saying the exact same that every comments section on this site says. If you've ever written "DONE!" on this site you should shut the fuck up.

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Exactly! That's the whole point of the fucking ads. And it's for a recycling program...jesus people.

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Just a tip (or a request): next time you intend to say that everyone is recycling ideas, make a creative and fresh ad to show it. Pleeeease...