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nice visual.....but one needs to press his nose to the screen to see that the drop is cut in the middle....

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How about turn the camera view 90 degree horizontally, otherwise it needs more time to digest the idea.

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this visual shows speed, not precision. am I right?

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I completely agree. Before I noticed the cut, "aerodynamic?" was what I asked myself.

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Marcela Cáceres
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Exactly. Scary chef...

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i have seen it long before............

love anything creative

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ohhhh it's very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good idea good visual!!!!!!!!!!!

very nice la^^^^^^^^^^^

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the strongest of the campaign. Just ok!

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... is the drop really cut? i can't tell

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C'mon, the flying droplet doesn't look like that. It's not a comet and even a comet doesn't have its "tail" behind it but always in the direction of the star it circles around... This execution's flawed.

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WHAT'S GOING ON ?????? >>>
Oh, they found client for idea.

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It's so subtle. Play up the slice, and it will be much easier and quicker to understand it.

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isnt it too easy to cut a drop? if so why would i buy this knife?

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Agreed. Plus it takes too long.

Would personally prefer the appearance of food in the ad.

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these are great.

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himanshu prabhakar
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Himanshu Prabhakar

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new designer
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whats this got to do with knife?

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I agree with mishkaa ... I couldn t see the drop cut in the middle

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again? lol. cut 'em solid objects! ppl dun buy knife to cut water, smoke or light. i cant imagine what's this chef trying to prepare...

half a droplet, smoke and light...anyone?

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nice idea for a sharp knike but one thing... i've seen it before.

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i really love this idea...........

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nice idea, badly's not clear that the drop has been cut in two. art's fault... sorry.

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