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sophisticated, but a little too subtle.

Bundy Agency's picture
Bundy Agency
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im sick of this shit and that shit.

i have 2 beefs today. my first problemo is the lack of art direction shown in this piece, sure you've used the age old technique of putting a shitty gradient behind your overtouched prop and tada its art, but really who is your client, did they really approve this, when even they couldn't see their own logo.

my second prob isn't to do with any creatives or artists that continuely put up work that looks like its been done 1000 times before. its to do with our account friends, sure they're charming and a pleasure to work with but do your job and evolve, we as creatives are constantly being told to think outside the box, do something thats never been done before. i dont see how its possible for us to do something that feels like it hasn't been done before if the brief is exactly the same every time. show me a brief for a knife that doesnt have the USP " really sharp knife" and ill show you an ad that doesnt involve something different being cut in half


please ignore this, i just needed to vent

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I've got a sneeky suspicion you might be working at the wrong agency......

Chris's picture
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agreed mate, but yeah i think its time you moved boats.

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Bundy Agency
597 pencils
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(... what did he just had today...)


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Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, i sort of agree but at the end of the day its a fucking knife (pardon my chinese)
What else is a knife useful for? Call me old fashioned but i cut shit with it, ive tried to use it as a screwdriver but thats bloody useless, ive tried to kill a few people with it but never had the balls to do it so
what does a knife come down to at the end of the day?
cutting shit!
I think print and tvc is old school and creatives need to start thinking of other mediums.

Kaifa's picture
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Thomas, you are the man!

"I could have killed 'em all, I could kill you. In town you're the law, out here it's me. Don't push it. Don't push it or I'll give you a war you won't believe."

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What about: pleasant cooking, professional cooking in your domestic kitchen, cutting faster than other knives. There's no such thing as one usp, advertising is more or less finding a new one...

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Sway Rose
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true story

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People having a Creative Crisis... its normal.

Anyway... I like it... its true that there is no logo, but I like it.

Keep it simple.

(another thing: the fact that its cutting a drop doesn´t show that the knife cut anything)

Yeayea's picture

it´s not great !

xhp's picture
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Need a zoom plz ! Thomas <3 Justpassingby, get balls!

panasit's picture
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I can barely see the cutting.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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sharing ideas,or sharing arrogance?
god is not here~b coz he will be judged as well...

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Not so good excecution: I can see 2 errors in the outlines of the drop... ashame.
Now for real... bit of weird decision to cut a drop... you can cut it even with your fingernail. Why not a diamond.... Or is this supposed to be a glass pearl?

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I saw the same idea in exhibition some time back. I am too lazy to search for it. Someone please do it? For the sake of advertising.

Jaggy, MICA Ahmedabad

tinu.tg's picture
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a little too subtle.

carpediem's picture
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It might have to do with a proverb capy and a bit overpromise i suppose. Sounded like " Cutting water and you cut nothing" (not to be exact) or the impossibility of cutting water into two, something that supor can do. Being targeted in china, i cannot help but to think the AD indeed have to do with the proverb or word of wisdom.

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