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Guests...these were placed in/outside Bars. And it is really a funny and smart ambient outdoor. No wonder it won a Lion this year. Like it a lot.

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It's interactive and makes you smile. Good work.

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Jonny Lonestar
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these are great.

you don't need good copy for good ambient (opinion of an AD for sure) and who cares about the traffic sounds, no one is actually going to use them, they just convey the feature in a new, exciting, and noticable way.

hats off

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True. Nobody will actually use them. It's just a gimmick. Well said. I still love the idea.

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It's better than the many strip clubs I've seen with names like:

The Board Room
The Office
The Meeting Hall

If you laugh, bravo. If you use 'em, I hope you get caught!

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Joe Harris
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they were real. I saw a bunch in auckland when i was there.

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