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That's disgusting.

And retarded. Using fear to advertise a lamaze class? If I wasn't a better person I'd call both of you dumb@sses.

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Doesn't seem to be targeted at its own target market. Not in a positive way, anyway.

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... and anatomically incorrect

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yes incorrect

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These women don't like to wear panties.'s picture
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this is tastless,
and by the way the hair is missing.

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samantha (sammi)

Hair? Who has hair anymore?


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such a freak idea.

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Third World Copy

I really like this.
It's a novel thought.
And it doesn't have to be anatomically correct. That would really make them gross.
Too bad the copy line is so bad. It makes them look like scam ads.
Great thinking though.

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Oh god... it's an ad for Lamaze Classes, lighten up. The ads are great... Kudos to the team that did them.

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done by saatchi more than a decade ago for young directors.

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Scam Detector
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Great idea but wrong product.

Some suggestions:
- New babyfood so baby can't wait.
- New energy drink for mom causes baby to run out.
- Discount in supermarket only valid for two people so mom squeezes baby out.

Anything but breathing techniques.

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Some more suggestions:
- The last suggestion you gave is very cruel, Toro. Very very cruel.
- Let's leave the agency do the work for its real client, what about that?... What? It's a fake client or ad? So what, let they do it anyway.

If it's not for breathing techniques the photos wouldn't be the same, agree on that? I mean, MOM is in trouble here, not the baby or anyone else... oh i don't know, i'm tired. I'm going home. Bye, Torito.

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Scam Detector
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The ad shows a mom who is quite unexpectatly having a baby. I don't see what that has to do with breathing techniques. Do you agree on that? Hope you had a good rest. Bye, Adriana.

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Charlie Pratt
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does it giv any msg?

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I had a good chuckle.

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I love it! Its a fresh take on the whole thing and it pushes the envolope to places no one dared go before. It's hillarious!
...and YES, I AM female.

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Joel, Joel, Joel... first the spider wires (right?...) and now that. you're good. But you definitely work too much. hehehehe.

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Amazing, we get to read a zillion views on what to me appears a brillian thought. What do you guys remember of your first perspective of this rather chatic planet with chaotic malls with people sitting in warped judgement of your (the baby's first view of earth's chaotic floor spaces.
Labour happens suddenly.Lamaze is important and it has been conveyed with fantastic simplicity.Sit back and breathe quitely.Scream afterward guys.
Joel Arbez and Rachel Abrams,breathe easy. Congrats.With or without hair and hurrah to Woodstock 69