Superette: Elevator

Be caught dead in it.

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Creative Director: Adam Kanzer
Art Director: James Conner
Photographer: Charles Howells
Copywriter: Christie Cooper
Account Director: Jenny Travers
Account Executive: Mikey Richardson

November 2009


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I like the idea the first time I saw it. That was about 10 years ago.

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Juan Cabral
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Guys, making creative things for fashion is hard, so let´s recognize this is good.

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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why is it good?

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Totally agree on what you say about fashion ads. Most often there is a minor idea with a major execution. But this ad doesn't make me want to buy their clothes. Not even close!

This one is!

Hate advertising? Make better ads.

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I actually like it very much.

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Really? These ones are far better.
More striking photography, better art direction, a nice line and most of all an idea...

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Push it further by having the dog lick up the blood. Great shots.

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could be for any fashion brand. doesn't make me like this brand more. 3/10 nice shots though.

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could the dog be a symbol of something?

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