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These lines need really better copywriting. You need to sit down and think deeper. (One DeBeer ad from a couple of years ago is one of my favorite ads ever.) I understood that you wanted to make the campaign fresher but do it brilliant then! Write, write, write. Lay it down and look over it some days later. And then bring it on again. Would be interesting to see...

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ok. first of all, you should not be writing ads to an existing campaign when you're a student. cds want to see original thinking. this is not that. second of all, if you were to make the first mistake, you should at least make the campaign better. you didn't. these lines are much, much worse. i would seriously consider firing you if you brought me these lines. so in short, throw this away. or at the very least, forget about debeers. and start writing ads for a local jewelry store. and find an art director. i'm fairly sure some do attend miami ad school.

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Ahh jesus. Calm your nuts Spanky. They're just on here for some guidance and advice. Just because they're students doesn't open a window for you to try and feel superior and give such harsh judgement. If you have such great skills yourself, you would maybe give advice on how to take it further or on where they went wrong, rather than telling them to start on a different path. Defeats the objective of 'learning' right? Otherwise, students have little hope huh?

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Disco Munky
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You mistake Spanky for a man with a brain.

He'll just swear at you for challenging him. =)

Doin' it for the points

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i think i was fairly clear on where they went wrong. a poor imitation of an existing campaign is a very bad idea. and i was also clear on where to go. he'd be better served writing lines for a local jewelry store, without an established brand and voice. these lines lack the sophistication of the debeers campaign. even if the writer has the skill to eventual craft a few lines on par with existing work, they still will have created nothing new. so like i said, i think he needs to find an art director and start from scratch. if they want to do jewelry ads, that's fine. they need to find a different brand. come up with a strategy on their own if their teacher doesn't provide one. then think of several concepts off that strategy. and if one is worth while, then execute it. it's a little frightening that someone in an ad school would need to be told this. i can't believe his teacher would have encouraged him to go down this path.

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Get your self an art partner and the lines certainly can be more pithy... the thought is there :)

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this campaign is not of the brand. and by that I mean it is the complete opposite of debeers image, so already before the copy/art direction the idea has failed.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Totally agree with Spanky's point.
You know this is considered grand theft? You are literally lifting an existing campaign's layout (not to mention the tagline) which was created by an ad agency for your personal use. If a student book comes round my way and I see these in it, I'd send it back immediately. You're not exhibiting "originality" but "plagiary." And that's NOT what ad schools should be teaching.
Nothing wrong with experimenting with and/or embellishing an already produced ad (it's actually a good creative exercise), but put them in your scrap book when done, not in your portfolio.

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♥ get lost ad f...
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does anyone have a link to the original DeBeers ads?
would be neat to see them side by side

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No one else noticed the typo? "get scratched on the back while watching superbowl"

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actualy - yeah tat would have been a tad bit better "get rubbed on the back while watching superbowl" on a mens' mag.

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drunk dave
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"get your back scratched while..."

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Guest what

I think you're all overreacting.

(no, it's not my campaign)

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As a student don't EVER do a campaign that have been done, and done WAY better. Try to pick products or services that are inherently boring or mundane. Show me an ad for thumb tacks or kitchen sponges or driveway sealer... if you can make a boring product interesting you will go far in this biz. An if your instructors at ad school are telling you this is acceptable, you should demand your tution back.

Be great, don't suck, never settle.

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Dr. Pentagram I...

The Art looks too much like Pentagram Books of curious topics for customers. Hmmm...

Dr. Pentagram I suppose?

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