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There's some serious see-say action going on here and what's with the anorexic girls?

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I agree - either the line or the creepy thing needs to go. I honestly don't see anything remotely interesting about this ad. Hair monsters? How is greasy hair a monster? That's as uninsightful as laundry monsters for detergent, oven monsters for Easy-Off, mouth monsters for toothpaste. The only one I could see working is under-the-bed monsters to get rid of dust bunnies.

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that's a girl?

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Hasn't she just washed her hair?? why is it dry???

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fala fulani
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First, for a girls' product the idea is just gross. Secondly, what with the made up hair? Or does it dry out your hair and style it to?

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She kind of looks like the monster...

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I think that's a guy.

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looks like a horror film trailer to me.
definitely no x-factor ad.

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