Sun’s £500,000 Dream Team fantasy football league: Player, 4

With the start of the English Premier League fast approaching, Grey London is rolling out the latest campaign to promote The Sun's £500,000 Dream Team, a fantasy football league where the winning team receives £125,000.

If you can't play. Manage.

Advertising Agency: Grey, London, UK
Creative Director: Dave Monk
Creatives: Johan Leandersson, Erik Uvhagen
Business Director: Tamsine Foggin
Account Manager: Albert Ponnelle
Planners: Hamish Cameron, Matt Gladstone
Creative producer: Kevin Noble
Designers: Ryan Connolly, Chris Chapman
Retoucher: Tom Fryer
Photographer: Paul O'Connor


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Don't like the art direction.. idea was okay

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i have some friends who organize their own friendly pickup games with random people.
and they did their own advertisement.
one of their posters was a picture just like this: one of the guys swinging really hard and missing the ball as it hits his other foot.
their tag was much better though: all ages and levels welcome.

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not a bad concept.

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