Sunny Day Motels: Cigarette Sex, 1

If you think there's nothing better than a smoke after sex, try having more sex.
August 29th. Brazilian Tobacco Awareness Day.

In Brazil, "motel" is something like an hourly hotel that people use for love encounters. So, to celebrate the Brazilian Tobacco Awareness Day, we decided to send a message for less smoking and more sex, after all, the loss of libido is one of the many problems caused by smoking.

Advertising Agency: Casablanca Comunicacao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Creative Director: Maurilo Andreas
Art Director: Celso Bastos
Copywriters: Daniela Brandão, Maurilo Andreas

August 2013


adri10288's picture
337 pencils

Amazing headline. But what's with the echoing sex word. Kinda ruins the joke.

maurilao's picture
379 pencils

Thanks. We're gonna think about that repetition and see if we change it.

fernando diaz's picture
fernando diaz
3 pencils

I disagree. The ad creates more curiosity for a non-smoker by associating smoking with the pleasure of sex.

maurilao's picture
379 pencils

Well, Fernando, I guess the concept of smoking after sex is already out there and the ad just offers a differente perspective. I really don't agree with your point of view but thank you for your opinion.

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