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Very cool. Like it.

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Martingalle's picture
22 pencils

I agree, very nice

CR_AD's picture
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i'm ok it's good idea !


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Guest commenter

i like it

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mark copyranter

Yeah, if your retirement money just completely fucking disappeared, buying a bike will make it alllll better.

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totally... people that mountain bike ARE concerned with that, i see your point, nice comment, your a winner

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Okay, who's advertising here? The bicycle manufacturer? Or an investment company promoting the bicycle manufacturer? (FWIW, note that this is categorized as "recreation and leisure", not finance) It's a great idea, but the final read is a little confusing.

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could of been done much better. too bad the graph peaks don't look more like mountains. execution is weak!

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i didnt get it!!!
is it an investment company mocking wrong investments?
or a bicycle company saying they r a good investment?!!!

Blissful's picture
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or maybe, just maybe it implies that the bike could handle terrain that looks like that graph... maybe

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carlos Carrasco

Hecho por Puerto Gráfico hace 4 años. Sorry

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Looks like a Kern ad presented by Sunn. The torn paper look is very, very 90s. The message isn't clear; this probably won't sell many bikes but might get a couple people to invest in Sunn stocks...


I think, therefore... yeah.

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I dont know... maybe too confused. Almost for me.
And I agree with some other coments... too oldie :P

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So with a company named KERN, shouldn't the designers make sure that all the type is just that...well kerned?? Seriously guys.

I get the relationship between the peaks and the drops to a mountain, but its pushing it. We all know the economy blows...please don't remind us with so so advertising.

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Charlie Pratt
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Yep, I likey. Smart. I like smart ads, they're like smartasses, only with a more singular purpose.

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St Luc

It's so great!! I love it so much! If only I could meet the person who did this ad!! I'm already in love with him!

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Guest commenter

layout makes it look a bit forced

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