jazarah's picture
1262 pencils

so go and burn your kids and then heal them with the product!

Hardy's picture
42 pencils

I like how they are all happy.

Who wouldn't be?


AD1014's picture
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these creatives should be killed.

special k's picture
special k
145 pencils

I can't believe it.

probably the egyptians love their children more than us.

unfortunately, in our civilized world this things happen.

Audrius Kubrik's picture
Audrius Kubrik
828 pencils

only in egypt?

monicamexico's picture
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Okay, part of what makes these so bad is the fact that the English is wrong. Get help!

special k's picture
special k
145 pencils

I don't think so. The behavior (in english behaviour) is wrong.

STRTLRS's picture
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Fire fire, yippee!


I think, therefore... yeah.

khalsain's picture
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humor gone horribly wrong

petek's picture
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absolutely bad.

pinkads's picture
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result of a disturbed upbringing

the insight is good tho :P

it's all in the head!!!

mith85's picture
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Wow, kids being roasted by their parents. Morbid much?

EddieZhao210004's picture
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good insight, terrible picture!

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Hossain M Lokman
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Hossain M Lokman
wht is this... kids man ,, bad its nt chicken .. human u know!!!!!!!

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I see it as a great ad. I can't understand why suddenly everybody understands advertisment as direct meaning... Parents are always responsible for everything a child does, so in this point it's mother's fault that a kid gets burnt... And I don't think you have to be clever to understand that nobody cooks one's children...

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