Sumatriptan: Noise

The triggers of the monstrous pain, like loud noise and bright light, are symbolized as Ravana, the ten headed monster of the famous Hindu epic Ramayana.

Advertising Agency: The Greenroom, Mumbai, India
Creative Director / Art Director: Maheindra Thakur
Copywriter: Hiral Jhaveri
Published: April 2008


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Saatchi Makak
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Don't get it either.

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sandra 80
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Excellent work. i like it.

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Sahi hai Bhidu!!!

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Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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This is nice, it's a very localised campaign which will work only in south-east asia.

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Its not working for me either!
Seems print adaptation of the zandu bam TVC.
Right Harshik suraiya ?

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Amit Singh

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This is good execution, but I get the idea when u explain it and not from ur ad.

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sorry...can't relate to it

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